From the beauty capital of the world into your home

“Siamo al mondo per essere veri, non perfetti” is a saying in Italian which translates to “we are in this world to be real, not perfect,” a sentiment we at Ora d’oro keep close to our values, just as much as we do Italy

We created this brand for every contemporary makeup loving, skincare-conscious person. To redefine limits and push the possibilities in the beauty industry, we turned to no one but the best – Italy. Dripping in decades of history, a legacy the world looks up to, art that is etched in the folds of time, and a culture that inspires endlessly. For us, Italy inspires us beyond just our name, Ora d’oro, which means the ‘golden hour’ in Italian.

From the land of Michelangelo, Giussepi Verdi, Rudolph Valentino to doyens in fashion like Schiaparelli, Gucci, Prada, and Versace, among others, Italy’s air is heavy with the pride of punctuating history with creative and artistic landmarks. It is this limitlessness in creation and the grace in the process that inspired us to craft our products to perfection in Cremona, Northern Italy.

Italian craftsmanship is considered to be the ne plus ultra of its class, a reputation the country’s artisans continue to uphold and preserve. With extensive research in skincare-centered makeup and the inherent wisdom and creative intuition of Italian artisans, Ora d’oro’s products have become a part of the coveted Italian heritage. Our efforts have been to distill the spirit of Italian craftsmanship, its legendary fashion, its millennium-spanning architectural history, aspirational beauty, and the honey-soaked language into our practice. Dipped in classic golden hues that reflect the luxuriousness of the product inside, our packaging is Italian cosmopolitan chic at its best.