Everyone's a water baby 💦

Hydrating Clean Makeup for Skincare Enthusiasts

Ora d'oro, meaning "golden hour"☀️in Italian, emphasizes that the most significant advantage our makeup provides is hydration💧, alongside its obvious cosmetic effects. The brand prioritizes skin hydration and care, similar to the importance of staying hydrated🚰 for a healthy body and glowing skin.

We're adorably called the Hyaluronic Infused brand 💟

Proven Makeup for Healthy Skin ✨

Our makeup contains active, nourishing ingredients that provide real skincare benefits, including hydration, soothing, brightening, and plumping, for healthy, glowy skin. 🌈

We Don't Do No Makeup, We Do Good-for-You Makeup!! 💄

Makeup = Power💪🏼

Our makeup boasts major pigmentation, luminosity, and stay-all-day power. You'll look like your best self, with major glow! 🌟