About The Founder

how you want to be seen.” This one straightforward revelation is what
led the founder Nikhil to lay the foundation for Ora d’oro. Formerly in a
thriving real estate venture, Nikhil’s path was carved for him, but he
was yet to create his niche. His creative instincts finally found
expression through Ora d’oro. His beliefs, philosophies, and principles
are the driving force behind the brand, and responsible for its motto of
‘loving who you are’.

After all, it was Ora d’oro and
its conception that gave Nikhil a purpose, and an insatiable passion to
bring this vision to life. As Ora d’oro took shape, Nikhil found the
indomitable self-confidence to follow his dream, and not the norm. 

care and self love are two of the strongest motivators for Nikhil and
his passion for the brand, which also makes it two of its strongest
pillars. He is driven everyday to bring the same curiosity, passion, and
intensity to work to channel the very creativity and give people the
tools to express theirs. 

“We have crafted this brand for every person who knows that they are good enough”